Rock Smashes Through Firetruck Windshield

Brush Truck 34 with damaged windshield.
Brush 34 had to be taken off the fire lines for a new windshield after a rock fell from a hillside, bounced and crashed into the vehicle. (UC Davis Fire Department)

A team of campus firefighters was shaken but unhurt Thursday (Aug. 27) when a rock burst through the windshield of their truck in rural Yolo County.

The crew was traveling on Highway 16 near Guinda as part of their assignment to fight the LNU Lightning Complex when a rock tumbled off a hillside, bounced off the road and went straight through the windshield of Brush Truck 34.

“The cup holder, specifically, was the landing spot,” Fire Chief Nate Trauernicht said.

The truck was taken out of commission while the windshield was replaced today (Aug. 28), and the team will return to the fire soon, he said, noting that the Yocha Dehe Fire Department assisted with repairs.

In the truck were Capt. Kyle Dubs, engineer Derek Carthy, and firefighters Mike Cullen and Meggie Elledge.

Firefighter inside truck
Firefighter Mike Cullen inside Brush Truck 34. (UC Davis Fire Department)

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