Resources available to TAG Counselors

UC Davis collaborates with all California community colleges (CCC) to provide students with increased access to a four-year degree and early advising to reach their academic goals. Learn about the counselor side of UC Davis TAGs here, and get more detailed information using the links at right.

Creating your TAG team

  1. Identify your campus TAG contacts
    Each California community college has one counselor and one UC Davis advisor who serve as primary contacts for the UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG). Connect and let them know that you're on board!

  2. Know your UC TAG Administrator(s) and TAG Reviewer(s)
    Each CCC assigns one or more UC TAG Administrators (ADMIN) who will authorize representatives from your college to submit TAGs (TAG Reviewers).
  3. Create your UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) counselor account
    CCC counselors new to the UC TAG process must request a counselor account through the UC TAP website and receive authorization from your campus' UC TAG Administrator. 

Getting your students ready (May through August)

Prepare for the TAG application period by familiarizing yourself with the UC Davis TAG resources at right and taking the following steps:

  1. Explore the UC TAP website
    Log into your existing UC TAP account and familiarize yourself with tools for counselors.
  2. Start working with your students who have UC TAP accounts
    View UC TAP accounts for students enrolled at your campus and use UC TAP messaging tools to provide early intervention. (Your ADMIN can also broadcast messages and news to your students and counselors.) Work with your students to:
  • Identify their career goals and learn more about our undergraduate majors.
  • Help them plan their transfer with the UC TAP.
  • Learn more about the UC Davis TAG process and have them apply for a UC Davis TAG through their UC TAP account beginning September 1 and no later than September 30.
  • Begin working on their UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships as early as August 1.
  1. Reviewing and authorizing TAG applications (September 1–October 15) 
    As soon as your students submit their UC Davis TAG applications, review and authorize them through your UC TAP counselor account. While optional, your full evaluation will greatly enhance student success for obtaining a UC Davis TAG. Your UC Davis adviser is here to help you answer any questions as you review!