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Unfold is a podcast that breaks down complicated problems and unfolds curiosity-driven research. Each season, the podcast takes a deep dive into a different topic, including food, climate change, health and curiosity-driven innovation and discovery at UC Davis. Episodes of Unfold offer sound-rich scenes, reporting from the field and interviews with leading researchers, scientists and scholars. Hosted by public radio veteran Amy Quinton and co-host Kat Kerlin.


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Unfold Season 3

Coming Sept. 28, Unfold brings you stories of awe, wonder and discovery as we explore how UC Davis researchers are driven by curiosity. Curiosity can lead to some of the greatest discoveries, like why songs get stuck in your head or what real-world engineering concepts you can learn from comic book superheroes. This season, we examine an archaeological discovery that raises new questions about the sexual division of labor in early hunter-gatherer societies. UC Davis researchers reveal what they found by peeling back the layers of a fish’s eye and by studying cute, pink, baby-faced axolotls. We have lots of surprising and curious stories to tell this season — even a spooky, dark and murderous one, just in time for Halloween.

Season 3 Episodes

Two yellow butterflies in pin case

Cockroaches for Dessert

Photo of woman's mouth in front of microphone

The Poet's Voice

Graphic of six superheroes

The Science of Superheroes

Photo of axolotl

Chonk the Axolotl: How Life is Super Amazing

Artist's rendering of a public execution in 18th century Germany.

Murder, Suicide and the Macabre

Woman hunter

*Was* She a Badass?

Five UC Davis researchers inside marble rock formations of cave

Nature Tells Its Story, Part 2: Caves and Really Old Water

The eyeball of a fish

Nature Tells Its Story, Part 1: Fish Eyes and Ears

Songs and memory photo

Why Is That Song Stuck in My Head?

Unfold Season 2

The Earth’s climate is changing. Temperatures around the world are rising. Traditional weather patterns are shifting, and extreme weather events are happening more often. In Season 2 of Unfold, hosts Amy Quinton and Kat Kerlin will talk to researchers who believe this unprecedented crisis calls for unprecedented solutions, including projects that pull CO2 out of the air. From carbon farming to electric cars, we’ll examine the best ways to transition to a low-carbon future. We’ll travel from California to Kenya to examine how climate change is punishing the world’s poor and how insurance might protect them when drought hits. We’ll also examine what the coronavirus crisis is teaching us about the climate crisis.

Season 2 Episodes

A child in northern Kenya stands next to his camels.

How Climate Change is Punishing the World’s Poor

Photo of electricity wires.

Decarbonizing Energy

Researcher holds bag of rock dust to be added to agricultural soils.

Is Rock Dust a Climate Change Solution?

A student types an email on a laptop computer.

E-Commerce and Climate Change

northern california wildfire at evening

California Wildfires In a Changing Climate

sunset in california

Becoming Arizona

Photo of Earth wrapped in coronavirus

Coronavirus and Climate Change

Unfold Season 1

Climate change threatens to make sustainably feeding two billion more people by 2050 a seemingly impossible task. We’ll need to grow more food, more efficiently and waste less. In Season 1 of Unfold, hosts Amy Quinton and Alexa Renee talk with UC Davis researchers working to make agriculture more sustainable about potential solutions to the challenges that lay ahead.

Season 1 Episodes

A young woman holds a handful of strawberries on her open palms.

Bonus Bite: What Happened to Flavor?

Purple grapes hang on a vineyard.

Bonus Bite: Climate Through the Grapevine

Maynard Amerine pictured working in a lab next to a colleague. An image Pinot Noir grapevines with handwritten notes below.

Bonus Bite: The Father of Wine

Photo of Charlie Bamforth, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences Emeritus in a brewing classroom.

Bonus Bite: Stranger Beers with Charlie Bamforth

Girl eating a cheeseburger at a fast food restaurant

Food Politics

Hens on traditional free range poultry organic farm grazing on the grass

Is the Chicken Local?

Visual of DNA genome sequencing.

The Future of Food

carrot farmer food waste research uc davis

You've Come a Long Way, Baby Carrot

A field of corn seen against a clear blue sky.


cows grazing in field

What's the Beef With Beef?

Communications award

CASE Award of Excellence - Gold

From the Judges

This podcast is exceptionally well done, indistinguishable from podcasts being produced by the big names in podcasting. The marketing mix among the social media platforms and website is tightly integrated and beautifully designed. The storytelling in the podcasts and the balance of airtime among the hosts and the UC Davis experts gives you a feel of being at a dinner party with fascinating and insightful individuals who bring you deep into a conversation that opens your perspective and makes you think. The music and ambient sounds provide both "visual" context to the story and also brief pauses to let the provocative ideas sink in.