Research ‘Madness’ Includes UC Davis Entry

Illustration of cells.
An illustration by Calvin and Joanne Ly shows how psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ayahuasca change the structure of nerve cells, causing them to sprout more branches and spines. In this false-colored image, the rainbow-colored cell was treated with LSD compared to a control cell in blue.

UC Davis has made the cut for this year’s STAT Madness science competition.

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The UC Davis entry comes from the laboratory of David Olson, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry. He studies how psychedelic drugs affect nerve cells and could open up new ways to treat depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

STAT will post its bracket on Monday (March 4), pitting universities and institutions against each other in 32 first-round matches. Winners will advance to subsequent rounds, until, eventually, the STAT Madness champion emerges. The victor will receive advertising space on STAT, news coverage and bragging rights.

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