Police Checking Doors, Patrolling More

Two female Aggie Hosts, in uniform, checking doors to be sure they are locked.
Aggie Hosts “Pita” Pina, left, and Zulma Castellon check the doors of California Hall to make sure they are locked, Monday (April 6). Pina is a fourth-year human development major and Castellon is a third-year sociology and psychology double major. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

With campus operations suspended, police have stepped up their patrols and asked for employees’ help to keep buildings secure.

Most buildings are locked, accessible by authorized personnel only — those who are using labs and classrooms for research and remote teaching, for example. A few key buildings remain unlocked during the day.

To prevent thefts, the Police Department has doubled its routine security patrols and assigned Aggie Hosts to check exterior doors. In addition, police are working with Facilities Management on changes to locking and unlocking schedules.

For the buildings that remain open, police advise the building managers to limit public access to one entrance.

If your work brings you to campus, consider the following:

  • Use only the main entrance to your building.
  • If you unlock a door, make sure it is locked and secured behind you.
  • Do not prop doors open. If you come across one, please close and lock it.
  • If you see something, say something.
  • If you encounter suspicious activity or a door that should be secured, report it immediately to police by calling 530-752-1230.
  • Immediately report malfunctioning doors to Facilities Management by calling 530-752-1655. 

More safety and security tips are available online.

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