NEWS BRIEFS: Spokes Adds Breakfast to Menu

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  • Faculty meet-ups on video, Canvas and more

Spokes, the campus-operated burger eatery that opened in the Silo this fall, launched its breakfast service today (Jan. 16). The breakfast menu is available from 8:30 to 10:15 a.m.

“It’s part of our long-term plan for what Spokes is,” said Kraig Brady, director of Hospitality and Dining Services. “This is another chapter in our menu plan.”

A chicken and waffle breakfast sandwich.
The Wheelie: Fried chicken tenders drizzled with spicy maple syrup, served between two Belgian waffles. (Cody Kitaura/UC Davis)

Next to Spokes, Crêpe Bistro bustles around breakfast time. But beyond that, the CoHo and Scrubs Café are the main places on campus for hot breakfast. Brady said staff decided they could fill a need by offering a menu based around a ham-and-egg biscuit sandwich, chicken-and-waffle sandwich, bacon-and-cheese-topped tater tots, egg-and-chorizo breakfast bowl, and a vegan breakfast burrito.

In keeping with the bicycle-themed style of Spokes, the new items have names like the 5-Speed, Wheelie, Roadster.

Brady said now that the new eateries have been open for a while, campus chefs have been able to focus on refining them.

Dining Services Executive Chef Andrew Tescher said most of his experience has been in steakhouses and fine dining, but he’s having more fun in the fast-paced, wide-appealing Silo eateries. “It’s almost embarrassing how much fun it is,” he said.

Among the changes: A new buffalo sauce has been added to Spokes’ offerings, and pizza by the slice can now be ordered in the nearby Silo Market. The pizza, a thick, Sicilian-style, is made in two varieties (one with meat, one vegetarian) that change each day. A slice is $3.29.

Faculty meet-ups on video, Canvas and more

Academic Technology Services announced a pair of DOLCE programs and three Faculty Forums:

ATS Faculty Forum meets the third Thursday of the month. Each month’s forum brings a new pedagogical and/or technological topic or challenge, and a group of faculty members to address it.

  • Jan. 19 — PlayPosit and Other Creative Uses of Video
  • Feb. 16 — Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • March 16 — Using Data to Inform Instruction

DOLCE: Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education, also for faculty, meets the first Friday of each month. Speakers discuss their experiences applying innovative uses of educational technology.

  • Feb. 2 — “Using Canvas to Empower Students,” Ted Geier; and “ShareYou: A Diversity and Inclusion Project,” Margaret Merrill
  • March 2 — “Redesigning and Scaffolding Major Assignments: A Learning and Grading Perspective,” Joan Frank; and “Teaching and Technology: A Design Perspective,” Glenda Drew

ATS Faculty Forum and DOLCE meet from noon to 1 p.m. in 1310 The Grove (the home of Undergraduate Education). All sessions are hosted by Andy Jones, lecturer in the University Writing Program and academic associate director of Academic Technology Services in Information and Educational Technology.

Questions? Contact Alex Rockey by email. Read The Wheel instructional technology blog for updates and more information as the quarter advances.

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