New Fellows Board to Connect GSM Researchers With Others Across Campus

The Graduate School of Management’s Faculty Research Committee recently established a Board of Fellows intended to be a “boundary-spanning group” that connects the GSM to the university’s broader community of scholars.

Shannon Anderson headshot
Shannon Anderson

Professor Shannon Anderson, chair of the Faculty Research Committee, said in a blog post: “We expect that the board will facilitate innovative research collaborations” between GSM faculty and fellow members of the Academic Senate in other schools and colleges, faculty members whose research has strong links with and is complementary to management studies.”

The GSM faculty elected four fellows for the inaugural board. The Faculty Research Committee will ask solicit nominations from the GSM faculty at the start of each academic quarter, with the aim of growing the board over time.

4 headshots
GSM Board of Fellows for research collaborations, from left: Ashish Atreja, Alison Ledgerwood, Heather Rose and Dan Sperling.

Anderson said the first four members bring unique research expertise that has significant overlap with the research expertise of the GSM faculty:

  • Ashish Atreja, chief information and digital health officer, UC Davis Health — Atreja, a gastroenterologist, oversees the expansion of the health system’s digital relationships with patients and other hospitals, bridging the gap between IT, academia, research and innovation.
  • Alison Ledgerwood, associate professor, Department of Psychology, College of Letters and Science— Her research centers on the contextual factors that shape people’s likes and dislikes, while her methodological and metascientific interests focus on developing and promoting research methods and practices that increase what we learn from scientific research.
  • Heather Rose, associate professor, School of Education, and adjunct fellow, Public Policy institute of California — An expert in California school financing and education policy research, she studies the effects of school finance systems, accountability programs and governance structures on the distribution of school resources, student outcomes and achievement gaps.
  • Dan Sperling, Distinguished Blue Planet Prize Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, College of Engineering — He is the founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies, and founding chair of the Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and Economy.

Read more about the fellows in Anderson’s blog post.

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