Introducing ‘The Student Researcher’

New Storytelling Platform Dedicated to UC Davis Student Research Stories

Inside a laboratory setting, Zoe Brumbaugh watches an anemone in a dish next to her and takes notes with a pen and paper.
Zoe Brumbaugh, fourth-year marine and coastal science major, watches and records how anemones interact in a lab at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab. Brumbaugh is researching how a newly identified, nonindigenous anemone species reproduces and competes with native anemones. (Alysha Beck/UC Davis)

A new UC Davis storytelling platform highlights student research experiences.

“The Student Researcher” will showcase undergraduate and graduate stories from across campus and fields of study. These stories will focus on interdisciplinary collaboration with multimedia elements.

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The new platform is part of In Focus, an effort by the Office of Strategic Communications to showcase how UC Davis is a leader in climate science, curiosity, food and health. 

As a Research 1 university, UC Davis is conducting research at the highest level. Fewer than 200 institutions in the U.S. have this classification, and as a result UC Davis can offer students the opportunity to participate across all fields.

Outdoors in front of a chest-high tank full of eelgrass, Malia Reiss pulls samples from the tank on a sunny day at Bodega Marine Laboratories.
Malia Reiss, fourth-year environmental science major, pulls eelgrass out of tanks at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab. Reiss is researching seagrass wasting disease as part of the evolution and ecology summer research fellowship. (Alysha Beck/UC Davis)

The launch story for “The Student Researcher” takes readers to the Bodega Marine Laboratory, where undergraduates can conduct their own independent research projects with the mentorship and guidance of expert marine faculty. 


To suggest a story for In Focus, complete the creative brief on this page.

A “day in the life” video follows two students as they do research in the field and lab, with the beautiful backdrop of Tomales Bay.

“The Student Researcher” joins existing In Focus content areas: Advancing Health Worldwide, Science and Climate, Feeding a Growing Population and Driven By Curiosity. Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter to receive the latest stories. 

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