Global Affairs Seeks Input on Strategic Plan

The UC Davis Global Strategic Planning Committee is developing the university’s first comprehensive Global Strategic Plan, and is asking the campus community to contribute ideas and strategies for consideration. Submissions should relate to the campus’s 10-year strategic plan, “To Boldly Go,” which will serve as the foundation of the global plan.

“With input from the campus community, the Global Strategic Plan will articulate a thoughtful and coherent global vision and strategy for UC Davis, with concrete, measurable initiatives and action steps,” Global Affairs stated in calling for input.

Those steps will include developing a global campus identity that builds on campus strengths, creating a guide for achieving the global components called for in To Boldly Go,” and supporting the integration of internationalization as a tool to help UC Davis reach its full potential.

Global Affairs has set up a web form for submissions; the deadline is Friday, Nov. 1.

The Global Strategic Planning Committee comprises faculty, students and staff from all corners of campus. The committee is co-chaired by H. Rao Unnava, dean of the Graduate School of Management; and Fadi Fathallah, associate vice provost of global education and services in Global Affairs and professor of biological and agricultural engineering. 

Once initial feedback is gathered, the committee anticipates a draft plan being available for feedback this coming winter. The plan will tie together the concepts outlined in “To Boldly Go,” and the significant work already underway, while bringing in new initiatives and strategies. 

More information is available on the Global Strategic Plan webpage.

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