THE DOWNLOAD: Super Bowl, Lunar New Year, Aggies in Love

UC Davis connections were easy to spot during Sunday’s Super Bowl: A commercial that mentioned the university, a 49ers cheerleader who is also a Ph.D. student in veterinary medicine, and a prominent alumnus.

The ad, for Ring’s line of doorbell and security cameras, showcased a moment first shared in 2022 where a prospective student jumped for joy over being accepted to UC Davis:

Tweet by user ant, with handle @winwinisawinwin, reads: UC DAVIS SHOUTOUT DURING THE SUPER BOWL ADS

Meanwhile, another Aggie was even closer to the action on the field.

The Today Show recently interviewed a trio of 49ers cheerleaders about their “day jobs.” That included Talia — whose last name is not shared by the team for privacy reasons — a UC Davis veterinary pathologist and Ph.D. student investigating West Nile Virus transmission and vector dynamics. The School of Veterinary Medicine shared a clip from the Today Show segment on social media:

Screenshot of Tweet by UC Davis Veterinary Medicine, handle @ucdavisvetmed, reads: When you look out on the field on #SuperbowlSunday, you might just spot a familiar face! Talia, a #UCDavisVetMed veterinary pathologist and Ph.D. student by day, also moonlights as a cheerleader for the @49ers. Includes still of video showing woman carrying lab equipment with caption: NFL cheerleaders’ day jobs

The Today Show also previewed the big game by asking Coffee House veteran Joe Sasto ’10 to share some Super Bowl-friendly recipes.

On the day of, UC Davis alumnus Maurice Gallagher ‘71 had a prime seat. After all, the stadium is named after his company.

Chancellor welcomes Lunar New Year

Chancellor Gary S. May helped ring in a “healthy and prosperous 2024,” issuing the above video message Friday (Feb. 10).

“Many in our community come from diverse Asian cultural backgrounds and observe Spring Festival, Tet and other Lunar New Year Traditions,” May said. “It’s a time to gather with loved ones and welcome in the New Year.”

The Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention Initiative will host a Lunar New Year Celebration 4 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 14) in the ARC Ballroom.

Aggies share love stories

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Cal Aggie Alumni Association shared a series of “Aggies in Love” posts, featuring everything from romantic love to love for Davis and love for friends.

Tweet with three photos, showing two people posing for photos in Shields Library, in front of the library, and with one person down on one knee proposing. Tweet is by UC Davis Alumni (@CalAggieAlumni) and reads: The story of Mary ’21 and Adrian ’21 started with three chance encounters in one day, and culminated with a romantic proposal in front of Shields Library.  Have a love story to share?  #OurUCDavis | #AggiesInLove | #UCDavisAlumni | #ShieldsLibraryProposal

See a map of UC Davis encounters that sparked love here.

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