THE DOWNLOAD: Our Trending Day on Social Media


With so many events to see, exhibits to visit and foods to try, it's impossible for any one person to see all of Picnic Day. Luckily, the shared experiences of social media make it easier to experience snippets from all over the campus's 104th open house.

Strike up the band

Gary S. May speaks at the start of the Picnic Day parade.
Chancellor Gary S. May speaks at the start of the Picnic Day Parade. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

The Picnic Day Parade had a new addition: Chancellor Gary S. May, giving his first welcoming remarks. Watch a full video of the parade on UC Davis' Periscope account.

These aren't ordinary Frisbee dogs

The Canine Medicine Club's annual Frisbee Dog Contest is always a crowd-pleaser on Picnic Day. Watch a dog named Finn show off his tricks in the above video.

See more tweets and photos from the 104th Picnic Day in this compilation:

Give Day meant fun appeals

Picnic Day wasn't the only reason for Aggies to mark their calendars last weekend. Friday and Saturday made up Give Day, an annual event for supporters to give to their favorite UC Davis programs. The event gave reasons for programs like the men's basketball team, above, to show off their skills and make an appeal for support.

By Saturday evening, more than 4,000 people had given and #UCDavisGiveDay was trending in the Sacramento region on Twitter.

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