Campus Ready: What’s Changing, What’s Not

Quick Summary

  • Daily Symptom Survey still in place for summer
  • Campus will soon ask for your vaccination status
  • Fully vaccinated? You can (mostly) ditch your mask

With coronavirus cases falling in California, the state reopened June 15 and the Davis campus followed up Friday (June 18) with an email to all academics and staff about pandemic protocols that remain in place or have been revised, and the systemwide vaccination mandate that will take effect July 15.


One thing that is not changing, at least this summer: Everyone must complete the Daily Symptom Survey to access university facilities. Also, monitor your symptoms, stay home if you’re sick and report positive cases.

The changes have to do with your vaccination status: Are you fully vaccinated or are you unvaccinated. Here’s how UC Davis defines those terms:

  • Fully vaccinated means at least two weeks have elapsed since you received the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.
  • Unvaccinated means you have not received any vaccinations against COVID-19, have received only one dose of a two-dose regimen, are still waiting for two weeks to elapse after your last shot or are out of date getting a booster shot.
Drawings of two people wearing "Aggies" face masks.
Face coverings: Still required if you are unvaccinated, not required (with some exceptions) if you are fully vaccinated.


If you are fully vaccinated: You are not required to wear face coverings in most settings, with some exceptions where face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status, including:

  • Unitrans
  • Health care settings (Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Occupational Health, Student Health and Counseling Services)
  • Activities and Recreation Center

If you are unvaccinated, you must do the following:

Be kind

Nothing prohibits anyone who is fully vaccinated from continuing to wear a face covering, undergo regular testing and maintain physical distance. “We recognize these changes may not be comfortable or appropriate for everyone immediately and appreciate everyone’s help in keeping our campus a welcoming place,” last week’s email stated. 


An email is coming this week to all academics and staff, inviting you to complete a survey within Health e-Messaging to declare your vaccine status. The email will come from “UCD SHCS” (UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services), which maintains the Health-e-Messaging portal not just for students but for all employees. All employees are required to declare one of the following by July 15:

  • I am fully vaccinated.
  • I plan to get fully vaccinated.
  • I plan to request a medical exemption.
  • I plan to request a religious belief exception.
  • I never work on campus or around others and do not intend to be vaccinated.

Notifying the university

Screenshot of Health-e-Messaging website where users can update vaccination information
Click on “Update” next to “Not compliant,” then read, sign and submit the consent form.


The simplest way to attest to the university that you have been fully vaccinated is by authorizing Student Health and Counseling Services, as a medical provider, to obtain your status from the California Immunization Registry. The “Medical Clearances” section of Health-e-Messaging now includes a consent form to make this happen.

  • Click on “Medical Clearances” (in the menu on the left-hand side of the page).
  • Look for COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Authorization. If you have not already given your authorization, you will see your status listed as “not compliant.”
  • Click the “update” button to read and sign the consent form.

If you have already uploaded your vaccine information (images of the front and back sides of your vaccination card) into Health-e-Messaging, your consent to the form noted above will allow Student Health and Counseling Services to verify this information. [UC Davis Health employees have a separate vaccination verification process.]

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