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College of Letters and Science

  • Bachelor of Arts

The study of economics is the study of choices. How should a society allocate and distribute its resources? Which needs should have the highest priority and which are less important? Economists study how people use their limited resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. They create scientific models to explain why people behave the way they do and use these models — along with observations of the world — to analyze and explain why things happen the way they do. Based on this knowledge, they propose solutions to problems that may at first seem surprising, but that prove to work well in practice. Economists work in all areas of government and industry, in positions ranging from stock market analysis to sports marketing and banking regulation.

UC Davis offers three paths for those interested in the broader field of business: Business, Economics, and Managerial Economics. These three majors comprise the Business Economics Cluster, a partnership between the Graduate School of Management, the College of Letters and Science, and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Major Requirements

You will begin with a series of foundation courses in micro- and macroeconomics, statistics, and mathematics. At the upper division level, you will take two courses in economic theory, one course in either American or European economic history, and data analysis. You may then select from courses in areas of particular interest to you. These elective courses range from games theory to financial institutions and international economic development. In rounding out their study of economics, students may complete an internship for credit, take some of their courses overseas through the study abroad program or complete an in-depth economics research project through the honors program.

Contact Information

Degree Outcomes


  • Research Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Educator
  • Marketer

Graduate Study

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Public Policy/Public Administration
  • Finance and Development
  • Management

Alumni Employers

  • San Francisco and Chicago Federal Reserve
  • Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality’s Economic Security and Opportunity Initiative
  • California Department of Healthcare
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • The Brookings Institution
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