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Students pose in a lobby on study abroad at UC Davis.
"Our class had the privilege of touring Bloomberg’s London headquarters and learning about their finance terminal." (Photo courtesy: Susannah Schulze)


Student profile 

What motivated you to participate in a study abroad or internship program during your time at UC Davis?

I had never been abroad before and the adventure of exploring and living in a new place excited me. I had heard experiences from friends and family who had traveled or studied abroad and wanted to experience for myself living in a new place with a different culture.

What led you to choose the program you participated in?

The UC Davis Summer Abroad UK Perspectives in Global Management program fit into my schedule, and Professor Lundblad, from my major department (Agricultural & Resource Economics), led the program. I saw this as a win-win opportunity: I could both make progress toward my degree while also exploring somewhere new—with the additional bonus of getting to know my professor well due to the small class size. The summer session was also nice for me, as going abroad didn't mean missing a quarter of classes, activities, and events in Davis!

Students on study abroad at UC Davis
"While picnicking in London, we connected with UC alumni living in the United Kingdom." (Photo courtesy: Susannah Schulze)

What was a typical day like on your program?

We would have class in the morning at a library down the street from our living quarters. In the afternoons and evenings, we would be free to explore Edinburgh. Often times groups of students would venture out together to explore the city—from castles to hikes to local restaurants and markets. We also went on two weekend class trips. One was to Glasgow, a large city in Scotland, and the other to London, where we toured Bloomberg's London Headquarters office.

What’s one of your most memorable experiences from your program?

One of my favorite parts about Edinburgh is how accessible the city is. You can walk (or take the bus) to most places! One afternoon we enjoyed a picnic in some beautiful gardens with our professor. Another afternoon I took a 30-minute bus ride to visit a beach of the North Sea on the suburbs of town. I also took a walking tour to hear about J.K. Rowling's roots in Edinburgh and see local spots that inspired Hogwarts and the Harry Potter series!

Another memorable experience was connecting with UC alumni living in the UK at a picnic event when we visited London for the weekend. Hearing their experiences inspired me to potentially work abroad someday!

What was your biggest concern in regards to the time and cost of your program? 

Susannah Schulze smiles on a sunny day.
A view of the Scottish countryside from a hike." (Photo courtesy: Susannah Schulze)

Studying abroad doesn't come without a price tag. I received the UC Davis Summer Abroad Award, which helped take off some financial pressure for me. The benefit to UC Davis Summer Abroad programs is that it handles most of the logistics for you, freeing you up to enjoy your time there. Meals weren't included in the cost of our program, but we had the ability to shop and cook our own meals in a fully equipped kitchen.

How do you think your program experiences will benefit you in the future?

I extended my time abroad by another four weeks by participating in a business consulting fellowship hosted by the Beacon Fellowship in Madrid, Spain. The ARE 112 class with the Perspectives in Global Management program was a great segue into consulting as it taught me many valuable business frameworks. I also read The McKinsey Way for ARE 112, a book written from the life of a McKinsey consultant. I am also thankful I got to know Professor Lundblad during my time abroad, who provided me guidance as I thought about my future career and graduate school. I'm currently completing my Masters of Science in Business Analytics through the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

My study abroad experience wasn't only beneficial for my career; it also helped me grow personally. Studying abroad in a new, unfamiliar city put me out of my comfort zone. As my network of family and friends was back home, I was grateful for the new friendships I made with my classmates during the program. Navigating new cities abroad also gave me confidence. When I got lost, I had to ask strangers for help, something that came more naturally over time.

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