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Mmmm, just like grandma used to cook - that is, if grandma was a specialist in genetic engineering.

UC Davis’ Amy Quinton recently attended a dinner where the menu focused on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as ingredients. Think of GMO salmon, Pinkglow Pineapple with a color true to its name and a hazy beer that’s brewed with genetically engineered yeast.

How did it all go down? “Everything was fantastic. I was so impressed,” said one guest.

We figured this futuristic kind of feast was also the perfect entry point for Savoring Science, a new food blog from UC Davis. As one of the world’s leading universities for agriculture and food science - take that, “Lady Bird” - our mission is to keep tabs on the research and issues that are shaping the food world.

Recent topics include how UC Davis researchers are addressing climate change and smoke taint issues in the wine industry, how the country’s food supply is faring during the pandemic, and finding beneficial new uses for wine grape residue.

It’s a big world of flavor and science out there, so we’ll be scouting both on the UC Davis campus and beyond for the goods to fill this blog. And given the rich food culture of Northern California, we’ll also clue readers to culinary events, dinners and seminars that are worth seeking out.

Thanks for joining us at “Savoring Science” and stay tuned for a full dispatch of the GMO dinner. Happy reading and happy eating!

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