‘Unfold’ Podcast, Episode 9: ‘Cockroaches for Dessert’

The Podcast’s Final Episode Before Bugging Out for the Season

Just when you thought Unfold was done for the season, the hosts decided to bug you with one last episode.

UC Davis boasts one of the largest insect collections in North America, so how could Unfold not take you on a tour? The Bohart Museum of Entomology holds more than 7 million specimens, from the beautiful to the downright terrifying. Its entomologists have even helped homicide investigations, thanks to the bug scrapings left behind.

Listeners will hear about beautiful butterflies, jewel beetles, murder hornets and cuckoo wasps — as well as why this episode is called, “Cockroaches for Dessert,” just in time for your holiday dinner.

In this episode: 

  • Lynn Kimsey, professor, UC Davis Department of Entomology, and director of Bohart Museum of Entomology
Two yellow butterflies in pin case

In season 3, Unfold and hosts Amy Quinton and Kat Kerlin bring listeners stories of awe, wonder and discovery as they explore curiosity-driven research at UC Davis. This is the award-winning podcast’s final episode of the season.

Unfold is available free, on demand at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon's TuneIn, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. It is produced by Cody Drabble. Original music for Unfold comes from UC Davis alumnus Damien Verrett and Curtis Jerome Haynes. Follow Unfold on Twitter at @Unfoldpodcast.

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