UC Davis Finalizes Fossil Fuel-Free Pathway Plan

solar panels in foreground with /uC Davis water tower in background
(Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

What can we do about climate change, you ask? Our university’s ambitious plan to eliminate 95% of fossil fuels from its operations by 2040 is now posted. It covers all UC Davis campuses, associated financial needs, and considerations for equity, climate justice and habitat health … and, we’ve already begun!

illustration of planning document and text that reads UC Davis Fossil Fuel-Free Pathway Plan

The document stands as the earliest plan for a multi-campus UC, a UC with a medical center and one of the most extensive plans within the U.S. higher education. Learn how it started, how the community contributed and where we can go from here. 

Short on time? There’s also a one-page intro and short plan summary. 

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Katie Hetrick is a senior communications manager in the UC Davis Finance, Operations and Administration office. She leads communications efforts for the university's offices of Sustainability, Arboretum and Public Garden, Design and Construction Management and other units. Contact: kfhetrick@ucdavis.edu 

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