Eventful decisions

Phew! You made it past college application season! You’re in the home stretch of high school or community college and the end is in sight. As admit decisions roll in, take time to celebrate your achievements and revel in your accomplishments! No matter what you see on a letter or computer screen, know that it is worth commemorating the end of this chapter. You have a big decision to make regarding what you’re going to do next, that might mean, choosing where to continue your educational journey. 

Don't just take my word for it — hear from our experts!

College is a family decision. Where you are going to spend the next two to four years effects more than just you. Events are a kind of trial run with an added celebratory aspect, that brings you and your people into our community.”

— Jennifer Tang, event manager, UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions

“I see students grow so much by the end of an event. It’s amazing getting to see the connections and relationships that come out. I’ve even seen students find their future roommates.”

— Brooke Whiting, events manager, UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions

How do I choose?

Ok, enough with all the sappy, “moving on to bigger and better things” talk, you’re here for advice and I’m here to deliver. At this point you’re might be thinking, “I applied to [insert college name here] because I want to go there” or if you’re in between places, “I’m just going to choose whichever place gives me the best financial aid package.”

That makes sense; but there is only so much you can gauge about a place from the comfort of your own home. If you’re spending your hard-earned money (or your parent’s), moving away from everything and everyone you know and jumping headfirst into a new environment, you want to picture your new life. What better way to do that, then visiting your potential new home? 

Attend welcome events

At this point in the year, colleges and universities alike are gearing up to welcome incoming students and their families to campus. The tables are turned and now it’s up to you to interview and judge college advisors, representatives, staff and students to find your perfect fit. Over the next few weeks, lookout for emails or information regarding your school’s celebration day, open house, showcase, meet-and-greet event or welcome reception. These events are created with you in mind to help you make your most informed decision. Chat with an academic advisor to see the classes in your major, meet with financial aid representatives to get unique financial insights tailored to your situation, go to a cultural performance and celebrate your identity within a collegiate environment, converse with club leaders to find your community or get lost and make your own memories.  

An incoming Aggie celebrating with Gunrock while another student takes their picture. 
At UC Davis’ Aggie Day event, students SAY YES to UCD in a specially decorated room fit for a celebration and filled to the brim with cheering community members, excited to welcome you to the Aggie family!

Give yourself time

Listen, I don’t have a list that I can give you of topics and categories to check off while making your decision (I wish I did, really) but I can tell you that you’ll be happy anywhere you decide to go (but Davis is definitely your best choice). Going to a welcome event (whether it is at the college or hosted in your hometown) just gives you more time to develop that feeling that lets you know you’re home.  

And, if none of this advice resonates with you, then go for the swag. Everyone loves free stuff and you can never go wrong with a cute cow plushie (Go Ags!) or commemorative tote bag that fits all your supplies wherever you go next. 

Isabella Beristain returns to UC Davis, as a staff writer and editor, after graduating in 2022. She works closely with the UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions team and partners, to bring you the inside scoop on admissions info. With over five years in marketing and a knack for storytelling, Isabella ensures your start to college is both entertaining and enlightening.

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