Climate change is no game, but the University of California’s Cool Campus Challenge may help turn a little friendly competition into climate action.

The challenge is underway now through April 26 for students, staff and faculty across all 10 UCs, including at UC Davis, which is no stranger to sustainability. Individual climate actions are awarded with points, and in some cases tangible prizes. The winning school also gets bragging rights as the “coolest campus” in the UC system. (So get busy, Aggies!)

It’s all part of UC’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which aims to wipe out UC’s carbon footprint by 2025. For that to take shape, every individual needs to do their part.

The Cool Campus Challenge awards points for actions like sorting your waste properly, turning off your computer monitor when you’re away, and even attending a sustainability related event, of which there are several throughout the month, especially with Earth Day around the corner. For starters, check out the events noted by Dateline, UC Davis’ online newsletter.

Participants can register and start playing at https://www.coolcampuschallenge.org.

Game on!

Kat Kerlin is an environmental science writer and media relations specialist at UC Davis. She’s the editor of the Science & Climate website and its “What Can I Do About Climate Change?” blog. @UCDavis_Kerlin

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